Meet Bettye, Maria, and Andre. Like 13 million older adults, they worked hard all their lives only to find themselves one step away from poverty. To make ends meet, they depend on services funded through the Older Americans Act—like meals, job training, and senior centers. That's why we’re asking Congress to protect and strengthen the OAA. Ask your lawmakers to show their support!

Over 4657 people told us— What does economic struggle look like?

  • When we can't afford to eat if we take care of our health with medication, or can't afford the medication if we eat, something is definitely wrong. Colleen Layton, UT

What We’ve Done

One Away has turned real stories into real action. We’ve used dozens of videos, 30,000 letters to Congress, and the strength of 2,000+ supporters to spotlight the 1 in 3 older Americans who are struggling every day to make ends meet.

What We Still Need to Do

Help us ask every member of Congress to show their support for the Older Americans Act (OAA), so older adults can continue to get the services they need to stay healthy and secure. Send an email to your members of Congress today.