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13 Million Seniors Are One Budget Cut Away


Meet Harold, Richard, and Elaine. Like millions of older Americans, they depend on vital public programs to survive. However, with services like job training and placement, affordable housing, and meals programs on the chopping block, they live one bad break away from poverty, homelessness, and hunger.

Help us tell Congress to stop cutting programs for vulnerable seniors by sending them an email or telling us your story of struggle. Your stories help us educate Washington leaders about the struggles faced by millions of older adults!

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  • How to help older Americans... We must put the elder American as a top of our National To Do List. They are helpless and to take their benefits away is ELDER ABUSE IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT. We put our children and animals at the top of our TO DO list and we must put elders in the same elevated position. WE ARE A GREAT NATION. We must never reduce ourselves to abuse the helpless by taking away their basic needs. Solve the problem by not allowing our nation to do this to the elder people who helped pave the way for the very people who are now abusing them by wanting to take the helpless elders basic needs away from them in the form of government benefits they are receiving to live as a descent human being. How small and mean can this be from human being to human being? Sandra M Boletchek... Advocate PREVENT ELDER ABUSE... Sandra M Manassas, VA