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Day 4 Begins

I am starting day four of the SNAP challenge and was so glad to make it over hump day!  My husband opted out of the challenge but has been quite supportive.  He helped me shop last Sunday at Aldi’s but said he did not have to participate to know that he couldn’t make it on that little amount of food.

Brenda's receipt

Brenda's receipt for $19 worth of food

I am actually feeling sluggish today and wondering if it is due to the lack of fruits, vegetables or caffeine in my diet this week. I was so upset when I arrived home from work yesterday to discover that my broccoli and two out of three tomatoes had gone bad during the day. This time I did not have the luxury of just running by the store to pick up some replacements and not thinking twice about it. 

This week has really made me reflect on the reality of what seniors are dealing with on a daily basis and the nutritious food they are doing without. Several of my Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) participants took part in the Savvy Saving Seniors workshop this week with Christine Harding.  I provided fresh fruit as a snack and noticed how much they seemed to really enjoy the fruit.  I understand now that they probably don’t get a lot of fruit.  I have to say that I did feel a little deprived that day having to stick with my water.

Two more days…..I think I will go get a glass of water.

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  • Why not challenge Senators and Congressmen to try to live on that amount for a month? If they eat in a government cafeteria, challenge the cafeteria staff to meet those financial guidelines. See if any on them are to the challenge? Zoraida Lakeland, FL