What Does Economic Struggle Look Like?

Do you know an older adult who is struggling just to make ends meet? Tell us about it, so we can spread the word and make life better for all seniors.

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  • I recently befriended a 77 yr old lady. I am 70. She is on SSI and only receives $400 per mon. She rents a room for $300 with no privlleges.She walks ten min. to reach QT where she eats one item daily w/coffee.. She uses the last $100 for this and any incidentals she might need. She could use a Marta pass. Does someone want to help her? Please call me I am on a fixed income and I am going to take her
    to as much as I can. She has been a nurse for over 30 yrs. She needs a job and would like to do senior care or new born care. Someone please respond. I will help her get to a job. My info follows.
    Joy Doraville, GA
  • My husband is 68 yrs old receives social security 595.00 a month I am on Disability 1007.00 a month. I qualify for medicare andmediaide thank goodness they pay all my co pays I am on a disability work program I babysit for a friend 25.00 a month which doesnt put any dent in paying our expenses. total household ultities and mortgage is 950.00 gas 80.00 month food is about 270.00 vitamins & supplements 100.00 a month which leaves us with 110.00 a month for miscelleanous. We usually run out of money by the second week or the third week for sure. I am recovering from Breast Cancer surgery a full mesctomy and my husband is bipolar. I am not able to work and he has been putting in appliations and no answer to them. Something has to happen soon. Our good fortune realitives which have helped us financially in the past are not able to any more plus we need to pay them back. I also have fibromyalgia so any work has to be non physical and part time. When I am healed I no I would be unable to work any more than 20 hrs a week maybe 15. I dont have a degree just alot of customer service experience in my past. We have a 24 yr old son that is living with us while I recover from cancer he is going to Ia State Univeristy. We are not able to help him financially so its all upon him. Our home needs many repairs, new roof foundation needs repaired, new central air new windows. We are unable to do any repairs on this home we have lived here for 21 years. Sandra Des Moines, IA
  • My husband has just been place in a group home for Alzheimer's. I am fortunate to have a son that is taking care of me and helping me to get through the guilt I feel for placing my husband. I have taken care of him since his Bypass in 2005 and since then things just kept getting worse. He would wander away and I would have to go and find him. Since we moved to NV, he managed to get a bus ticket and go back to Chicago and in doing so spent his whole SS money. Then after getting him home he would ask me why I spent all his money. He doesn't realize what he is accusing me of, but it hurts all the same. Especially since I have done nothing but care for him most of our married life. We have been together for 35 years. Life without him is really hard, but less stressful. I noticed I was becoming ill from the stress of caring for him. I notice in the group home he accuses them of stealing from him as well. Little things like his belt and his wallet. The were not taken but they were accused as well. I guess it is part of the disease. When I see my husband he is not the man I knew and you can see in his eyes he is not there. The hardest part is knowing the man he was will never come back, but the hope he will is still always there in your heart.
    I have a son that is taking care of me right now, but if he and I were alone I would have to live on $613 a month and Congress is planning on taking more away from us. I have worked all of my life to receive such a small amount. My husband's money goes to pay for the home and his medical, but his was only $842 a month and he was a Viet Nam Vet. Granted I should have planned better as I was working two and three jobs, raising children and taking care of sick parents, but my parents didn't educate me in this but I am certainly educating my kids on preparing for their old age. Congress should help to educate the youth of America so we do not fail them as well.
    Kathleen Las Vegas, NV
  • I am a 65 year old female, I recently remarried, my husband has been incarcerated for 25 years for a crime he did not commit. I have a fairly good income from social security disability and VA disability, the problem is I have more going out than I have coming in but I am not eligible for any assistance due to my income. I need help with repairs to my home. I need help with a leaky roof, insulation and broken windows, after I pay my bills, I have nothing left to make these repairs...My fuel bill ( propane) runs anywhere from $1500.00 to $2000.00 a season, which is from Oct to march in my area.It takes me all year to pay for one season and anything I don't get paid falls over to the following year causing me an even bigger burden. I have had to take out loans to pay my bills only to get myself deeper in debt.I am caught in a vicious cycle that I can't get out of..My financial situation has caused me a great deal of anxiety . I am sure I am not the only one who is in the situation..WE NEED SOME HELP Roberta Hurdle Mills, NC
  • Things were looking up, we found a new tax credit apartment and actually would save $200 a month that could be used to do some things we had been putting off (upholstering furniture and purchasing some new tables; car repairs). I am sad to say that I lost mom and she will be missed dearly. But I now am faced with paying all of the rent, the food bill, car repairs... everything. On my modest pension check, I am really worried. Seems like no one wants to say to an 'old face', "you're hired". What to do? Three-four part-time days' work a week would turn things around. Wall photo Sandra Wauwatosa, IL
  • Divorced older females face particular struggles. In the work force it is to easy to opt for hiring younger prettier females with less experience for lower wages than someone with experience that they have to pay more for. Women already earn at least 25% less than there male counter parts. Not to mention the fact that there careers are broken up by maternity and taking time out for rearing children which prevents them from advancing as their male counterparts do. Add this to the fact that child support only covers half of the ordinary cost of living or less and the women are required to come up with the difference to pay for all their childrens emergencies, school functions, computers and if possible help out with their college expenses leaving no funds for retirement investing. I was dealing with all of this and an abusive husband who broke my skull among many more heinous acts that left me with PTSD. I was declared disabled at the time of my divorce. I did not go on disability but chose to continue and try to work but had to give up my career due to mental complications and went for a meager paying job in retail which I did for a while till I found a job that I could build a career out of. However because I was earning so little I had to take on two jobs and finally collapsed out of sheer exhaustion with a relapse of the PTSD symptoms that were twice as bad. Needless to say I paid into social security and medicare on both jobs all those years. I do get food stamps now if you call $16 a month in food stamps real help. My medicare and drug plan reduced my income to about 900 a month half of which goes to all the medical care that has resulted from the PTSD such as colon problems, arthritis, asthma, migrains, hypothyroidism and more not to mention the panic attacks and fears of leaving my home now or the night terrors surfacing from all the years of abuse I suffered back when there was no help to escape for domestic violence victims. The other half is stretched thinly over utilities, transportation, and home costs. If I had not been frugal and invested my money wisely in a house I would likely have fewer expenses now. When they calculate housing expenses for benefits a home owner is only allowed to deduct their house insurance if the mortgage is paid off. But there are all sorts of other bills such as yard maintanence, roof replacements, plumbing issues, foundation issues, appliances etc that we still have to maintain especially if it is an older home in a poor area of town like mine is. Yet someone who was not as frugal and still lives in an apartment gets to deduct their entire rent which includes working appliances which are replaced free of charge if they break, yard maintenance, structural maintenance is also all inclusive, as are the property taxes included in their rent and therefore allowed as viable expenses qualifying them for benefits that I can't qualify for because mine aren't allowed. At 940 a month with 400 going on medical bills and medicine, and 430 for taxes insurance & utilities, 70 for car insurance (thank goodness my car was paid off when I became fully disabled) I'm left with 40 for a tank of gas and my measly $16 worth of food stamps to live on a month. Needless to say I either do without health care to eat more, or eat filler foods like bread rice and potatoes (I asked for meat for my Christmas gift from my family this year and now am lucky enough to have some) After paying in to medicare for all those youthful years of my life it puzzles me as to why my medicare has to cost me so much now. I didn't even have to pay this much for insurance when I was employed. I also don't understand how it was that Clinton said there was an excess of Social Security funds when he was in office and now it's apparently going broke? We deposited our money designated for our retirement, was it just suddenly embezzled and moved to pay off government debt and used like extra taxation instead of leaving it ear marked as our retirement funds? We are a wealthy nation. I worked the better part of 50 years and often either working two jobs thus paying in double to the system or working one job that required 20 hours or more of overtime which likewise caused me to pay in extra to the system. I could go on but I will stop with this as I think it becomes very obvious that not nearly enough is being done for the elderly and disabled. The picture is of me back in the day when I was an operating room nurse. Naomi Springdale, AR
  • Making ends meet has been a struggle almost all of my life, but since 2007, it has been really tough. Although I am very thankful for help with food, a full-time job is needed to take care of responsibilities at home, transportation, college loans, and problems children left behind. Too old for today's work not old enough for Social Security!

    My part-time job would have been a joy had my finances been in order to cover retirement years. Wondering where I am going to live from one day to the next or trying to reach people to help is nothing like I imagined when I was working full-time. Thank you so much!
    Betty Chesapeake, VA
  • I was laid off over 5 years ago and am struggling without much hope to survive. I have severe cases of stress and anxiety all because of money issues. Food, clothing, automobile all are questionable. I have a very old 1994 car with over 218.000 miles on it and should it decide to give out, I will not have any transportation. I live alone. I at this time am supposed to have a follow up mammogram. It was supposed to have been done in January. I cannot get to the place where I could get the follow-up mammogram or whatever they need to do to determine whether or not I have breast cancer. I also need other areas checked too to ensure that I do not have cancer. What am I supposed to do? Medicare part D does so little to help with medical expenses for the elderly--including me. We need more help. What is wrong with you people always wanting to take away from the elderly and give to the extremely rich???? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? Kay Eden Prairie, MN
  • My mother had $1,000,000 stolen by her caregiver using a signature stamp within weeks. SB 586 was a bill that was authored by Senator Fran Pavley after I brought this story to her attention. I testified at every committe and made it through all of them only to have Governor Brown of California veto it due to pressure from the banking industry. I have tried to get banks to offer special savings to help protect seniors so that they can place a cap on their account but the banks don't want any type of regulations imposed so Helen Wofford who will be released from prison next month will go right back out and do this again. I have am writing a book on my story and hope to get it published to help others. NBC and CBS News did segments on this story and people don't realize how easy it is to steal a fortune with a $19.99 stamp. Liz Woodland hills, CA
  • I am 63 years old. Since November 2010 I don't have job. Actually I am collecting unemployment beneficts, but it isn't enough for pay rent, energy, gas and all my bills. I live alone. I could find this web site and I hope that I will can help and orientation to my life. juan Tampa, FL
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