What Does Economic Struggle Look Like?

Do you know an older adult who is struggling just to make ends meet? Tell us about it, so we can spread the word and make life better for all seniors.

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  • I lost my job in 1996 due to takeover by the right. Haven't been able to get another one since then because the same folks give me a hard time whenever possible, but it seems like nobody notices that they're doing this. Am on disability for depression, trying to get the help I need to get back on my feet. I go from one place to the next for help and usually get turned down down for one reason or another. Resources are shrinking, but people still think they're out there because the advertising for the agencies still sounds like those resources are available. They're not. Linda New Paltz, NY
  • I am a 78 year old single woman who lives on Social Security. I need it live on. Without it I wont be able to survive. I can not afford to miss one check. I am raising a grandchild. She's in school that call for a lot of finance help. Lulu Laurel, MS
  • I have been in the hospital off and on since May 5, 2010, when I suffered a congestive heart failure. The bills don't stop coming in. The seniors haven't gotten a raise for two or three years. Wanda Clinton, MA
  • Social Security is not going to do it, folks! The trouble is when you find that out it is too late to remedy the situation. I didn't realize that there wouldn't be a cost of living adjustments in the payments and with the economy so poor it really is a struggle to see whether I can make it through each month. I had some other savings (401K) but that was used up when my daughter couldn't pay the rent. Now I am facing eviction (with her) and can't see where to go for help because there isn't any. I pray she will get a full-time job soon. I'm sure this short but sorry story is being repeated many times over. Anonymous Belmont, CA
  • I have an older sister living with her son. She lives on on $800/mo. Her son is self-employed and barely knows where is his next dollar will come from. He makes her pay rent, of course. If he should lose his apartment she would be homeless. There are six people living there. Charles Seattle, WA
  • These are the things that affect me: 1 Medicare dosen't cover as much anymore, 2 Prescription medicine, 3 Food is very expensive, 4 Rent keeps getting higher, 5 Gas is too expensive to use. Vivian Washington, DC
  • My son unable to pay mortgage without draining on retirement savings. He has informed bank he must sell his place. The bank offered $200,000 more! Now my son has stoped paying (save for future housing) while bank begins process of closure or sale. Lownie Seattle, WA
  • Since my wife died '06 my income was dropped to $1000/Mo. It is very difficult to survive on that amount of money. It would help if Medicare would take over Schedual "D"and take "D" out of the hands of people who put the mess together i.e. insurance companies and drug companies. Also put a lock box on Social Security and stop using the extra money for war, etc. Bill St Paul, MN
  • I'm one month away from financial crisis, with Social Security income does not go up more much more expenses. Noli New York, NY
  • As Pres.Obama mentioned in his Inaugural speech, he isn't going to cut funds for "Grandma." But social services for our most vulnerable are now cut. This American culture cannot disregard this population that has given so much to others, and now need to relax and enjoy their old age. Shelley Washington, DC