What Does Economic Struggle Look Like?

Do you know an older adult who is struggling just to make ends meet? Tell us about it, so we can spread the word and make life better for all seniors.

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4663 stories and counting. Share the next one. What does economic struggle look like?

  • I am an older school teacher. I cannot afford "out of pocket" for needed med. treatment. I cannot get out from under my student loan. I live in section 8 housing. I work 9-10 hour days, everyday, and often on weekends. My car is 11 years old. I really love my job, but with quick fixes this country is going to go downhill fast. Mark San Antonio, TX
  • I am a senior. The money that I receive from social security and one half of my late husbands pension was enough, but now I am very worried about having enough money to continue living as I have for the last four years. The taxes have gone up, I cannot get a senior tax rate on my property tax, gas has gone up, sales taxes and grocerys are very high and just maintaning my house and propetry is getting hard to do. All services for furnace, lawn maintenance, driveway maintenance etc is very expensive. I should be able to enjoy my golden years. I have worked very hard my entire life and now that I am old I should be able to go out to dinner, see a Play or concert without having to feel nervous about money. Bonnie Glenview, IL
  • I am a senior citizen and i will have to work until i'm 70 or older so that i can pay my bills and prepare for health care in my more senior years. i wish i could have retired at 65 Lois Palo Alto, CA
  • I am a senior and have what used to be called a fixed income, now it is a diminishing income subject to tax increases, healthcare costs, inflation and so on. Senior's pentions should be tax exempt, we lack the means to increase our income. Richard Bradner, OH
  • I am a disabled senior, and this is the third year without a COLA, while the cost of everything keeps rising. Medicaid has stopped covering dental, except for extractions, so when I broke a crown, I had to pay $300 for a temporary bridge (and that was almost 2 years ago... don't know how much longer it will last) and they stopped covering eyeglasses. SC is cutting medicaid again, so maybe my medicare premium coverage will be the next thing to go. At this point I am probably less than 50% of the poverty level and it can only get worse. Judith Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Having to decide if I just eat rice alone for dinner..... Yolanda Cutler Bay, FL
  • Having enough money to get by Robert Stacy, MN
  • For us both( being seniors ) it looks like we will end up in a tiny apartment based on our income. Losing some of our freedom and beloved pets. I am constantly uneasy about how we will end up. I helped my mom but I don't know if my kids would do the same.Please remember seniors need extra help. God Bless. Thank you. Patricia Springfield, GA
  • For me, it means lessened Medicaid coverage for me and my old mother (in other words, we aren't able to get our prescription glasses filled or our rotting teeth cared for). It means for me, a disabled individual, having almost $100 cut from my monthly government benefit. My mother and I are trying to hold on to our house, and cannot afford to pay California rents. We try to pay our bills but don't have the money to pay them. Thank you California! Now being joined by Wisconsin and soon the other states at this rate. This is the country of the law of the jungle but it could do better. Carla S, CA
  • Fear parents will need care we cannot pay for. Alteady need asst and we live 400 miles away. Young adult kids unemployed after finishing college. Jacqueline Carmichael, CA