What Does Economic Struggle Look Like?

Do you know an older adult who is struggling just to make ends meet? Tell us about it, so we can spread the word and make life better for all seniors.

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  • I will not be on Medicare until next year and I am wondering what I will need to give up to pay for that premium. Meat and cheese and fresh fruit will be bought in smaller amounts to pay for my Medicare.
    I am a 57 yr old medically retired female Registered Nurse on Social Security Disability. I began working at age 14 with a social security number. My income right now allows me to live in a very modest duplex,pay my utilities, car insurance and buy groceries and medicines. I cannot afford to buy new tires for my van or do other repairs that it really needs. I can't even dream of buying a newer vehicle if ever needed AND live in the home I live in now and have the comfortable existence that I have with no extras,like vacations, new furniture,joining senior clubs or going to community events unless they are free. I get help from Pfizer with my arthritis medication or I would not be able to afford it at over $100 a month just for that one medicine and I take several medications. Without this medication I could not function and take care of my self and home without help and I can't afford any help.
    My grocery shopping list gets shorter every month. Prices are going up for items needed for a healthy diet that the experts recommend for me. I buy less and less each month because there is less money after rent and utilities and insurance and medicines.
    I am worried that there is going to be less money coming into the program for many of us. This decline in funds will be due to young people graduating from college now do not have the same job opportunities that their parents and even less, than the great-grandparents did post World War II.
    Wall photo Pamela Amarillo, TX
  • It looks lousy. Again Obama is going to screw with the seniors. He's already done enough damage to the point of our seniors are going to go homeless. Enough of his crap and he needs to leave medicare alone.I'm on SS and I can not afford to pay the 20% so I go without medical treatment and I also go without medicine.This is due to Obama's cut backs in medicare that he has already done and Nobody is stopping him.He needs to leave medicare alone go after the rich for a change. Robin Carmel, NY
  • I live one "unforeseen incident" from financial catastrophe. Already have been forced to file bankruptcy, what's next? Sandra Marshall, TX
  • At this point in my life, with the cost of medical care skyrocketing, I would be bankrupt without the help of medicare. I have enjoyed a life free from hospital /medical care except for childbirth. At age 71, my visits, though infrequent, have been between $2000.00 and$15,000. Without medicare, I would be bankrupt or dead. . Sandra Fayetteville, GA
  • my parents lost there business and almost there home. my mom is in tears most night wondering how they are going to pay for things Kathy Beulah, MI
  • fixed incomes are just that,food or medicine thats NO choice louis Sandusky, OH
  • Very sad to watch people who have worked hard all their life, now are threatened by these cuts - shameful! Catherine Saint Louis, MO
  • Bleak tonya Wood River, IL
  • It is a very bleak future for me as a senior. Edward El Paso, TX
  • Horrible! Sarah Dobbs Ferry, NY