What Does Economic Struggle Look Like?

Do you know an older adult who is struggling just to make ends meet? Tell us about it, so we can spread the word and make life better for all seniors.

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4663 stories and counting. Share the next one. What does economic struggle look like?

  • I will have to continue working well into my 70's to be able to afford added costs of health insurance as well as be able to sustain the declining lifestyle we now have. My father, who is now 91, has witnessed his savings dwindle due to out of control costs of health care, food, property taxes and other costs. You must focus on the 99% of us that make up this country. Make everyone pay their fair share so we can keep programs like Medicare in place while making investments for our children's future: education, green technology, infrastructure, health care, etc. Mark San Jose, CA
  • Me myself, I,m assuming that things are looking up, but my lifestyle and everything that is evolved around it is time consuming. There aren,t too many seniors, but I am a respectable individual around seniors, and I try to be like that around most of my elders, some of them are very wise, and you can gain a bunch of knowledge. michael Jacksonville, FL
  • They are impoverished after a lifetime of work and feel there is no where for them to turn..... Karen Chandler, AZ
  • Very grim. Sandra Evergreen Park, IL
  • Being single without insurance or much money, Medicare will be the only insurance Iwill have in the future. Please don't take that, too. Carrie Chico, CA
  • I don't have enough. last year was the first year i went to bed hungry more than once debra Wailuku, HI
  • I had to choose between buying a new sheet for my father's bed or buying distilled water for his life support machine. I had to choose between getting my old car's heater fixed so my father wouldn't freeze on the way to the doctor and buying food. I had to choose between buying a coat for winter and buying propane to heat the house. Katherine Isom, KY
  • It is very meager. Cheri Louisville, KY
  • my grandparents are on a tight budget jacqueline Brentwood, NY
  • i am struggling every month . leave it alone Irene Linwood, NJ