The Little Things That Helped Open My Eyes

Could I get what I considered to be proper nutrition on the food budget of the average older person on SNAP? That was the challenge that I set for myself.  

I was able to meet the challenge, but the big eye opener and heart opener for me was how much I had to give up in order to do it. It turned out not to be a challenge at all but an exercise in gratitude. There are so many, many things that I simply had been taking for granted. It was a stark and sad reminder that there are indeed two Americas.      

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  • I have ESRD, on Dialysis three days per week,for last seven yrs. I cannot get SNAP assistance or any help to purchase needed food for my renal diet. I would like help in purchasing my own home. Franstena N. Chas
  • What were you able to get? Kelsey KS
  • Give them more resources. I have been diagnosed with cancer, and it has cost so much I have not been able to pay me rent in two months. Elizabeth Lexington, SC
  • This is all fine and dandy, but many seniors are on SSI, and in California, that means no food stamps! No SNAP. Melody Paradise, CA